CTO Sessions: Julie Gibb, Sim Local


What type of CTO are you? “My mantra is to lead by example, and I encourage boldness, continuous learning, and the satisfaction of personal achievement on the job.”

Name: Julie Gibb

Company: Sim Local

Job title: CTO

Date started current role: August 2017

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Julie Gibb joined Sim Local as Chief Technology Officer in 2017, at a pivotal point in the company’s technology journey. She leads a team responsible for the technology services that underpin Sim Local’s retail business and retail channels across the globe. Gibb has played a crucial role in the development of the next generation UNITE platform, which leverages Sim Local’s retail business insights and cloud native to offer a digital eSIM technology solution for various enterprises. 

What was your first job? I worked as a Project Manager at Nortel Networks straight out of university in 1995, where I was responsible for the phased expansion of International Operators fixed line networks across Europe. My first graduate role was a great introduction to the world of working within a multinational and taught me about working with multi-cultural teams across geographies. I was lucky to have entered the telecoms sector at a time of deregulation and was exposed to US operators expanding into Europe as well as a fast paced, results focused working environment. Those formative years gave me the foundations of a work ethic that still drives me today.

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